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cool sites
an adorable cozy site w/ the prettiest art & fun diary entries
a super pink, super gorgeous site that is very fun to navigate
a very cute, eclectic site (run by a fellow loona stan!)
a soft, lacy site w/ dreamy art
a clean & simple site that's very enjoyable to look at (in four themes!)
a cute & clean site w/ gorgeous art/graphics
a cyber-esque site w/ immensely cool layouts. i love the montage page
a minimalist site w/ surreal, dreamlike art (fish favicons unite!)
possibly the coolest site i have ever seen
a really fun site w/ gorgeous art
a colorful, chaotic site w/ old web aesthetics
a cute pastel green site
a bichrome site w/ very clean, pleasing pixel graphics

231105 ★ updated site button!
231104 ★ the pop out was disturbing me... ceaselessly haunting my thoughts like a poltergeist of hell...! what i mean to say: i redid the website.
this misc page is next on the chopping block.

231102 ★ put up new artwork & implemented pop-out display for it... considering using it for other artworks but not sure yet!!
231028 ★ changed sidebar layout (still not functional though looollll)
230913 ★ added media player for the airpod
• changed current music to [Whirling-In-Rags, 8 AM - Sea Power]
• uploaded 230816 artwork (month late b/c i was in taiwan hehe!)
• added changelog!